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Want to be a Hollywood filmmaker? Make a short film first!

by Opalyn Mok.

Short film-making is growing in popularity with hundreds of short film festivals being held worldwide annually so naturally, making short films is one of the best ways to make it into the highly competitive film-making industry in Hollywood.

Australian director Robert Luketic should know because he forged his own Hollywood career after his graduating thesis short film, Titsiana Booberini, won Best Film at the Aspen Shortsfest and caught the attention of talent scouts at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, United States back in 1997.

“My life changed overnight after that festival. This is why short films are important for aspiring film-makers, it becomes your calling card and it’s a great way to showcase your talent,” the 40-year-old director said in an interview with the Malay Mail Online recently.

Just a few years after he was spotted at the short film festival, Luketic went on to direct the blockbuster romantic comedy Legally Blonde and the rest, as they say, is history with him directing several more romantic comedies before going into thrillers in the last few years

Read the rest of this article from The Malay Mail Online.

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