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Is HD making us a bunch of lazy, un-original filmmakers?

by Iain Alexander.

The HD format rules, but isn’t filmmaking just getting a little too easy for comfort?

Shooting on HD today is so simple we can practically record all day and not have to think about spending thousands on film stock, getting it developed, and fearing for our lives when a stroke of sun might pre-maturely expose our fine work.

We’ve seen film stock rapidly disappear with new productions adapting fully to HD, and even 4k, but somehow that’s not great news for the art. Filmmaking has to some extent benefitted from the new digital workflow but at the expense of precision. If we go back not too long ago to DV, this format, although ugly and vastly inferior to film, made us wary of recording too much. Capturing a DV cassette was a pain. It was a filmmaker’s digital film-reel experience, but it taught us a valuable lesson.

When film productions are limited by the amount of shots they can take. When they have to get conservative, sometimes the precision and the thinking that goes behind a shoot and a scene is so much more important than the luxury of being able to shoot anything.

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