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Sundance: In a World Gone Digital, Indie Filmmakers Reach for 16 mm

by Chris O’Falt.

TV has all but abandoned shooting on film.  A growing majority of Hollywood blockbusters are 100% digital, with only directors like JJ Abramsand Christopher Nolan insisting their movies still be shot on 35 mm.

Even the self-proclaimed “analog” Coen Brothers have speculated that Inside Llewyn Davis will be their last movie shot on film.  And, in what might be a sign of things to come, this weekend the LA Times reported that Anchor Man 2 would be the last release for which Paramount makes 35 mm prints for the 8 percent of movie theaters still using film projectors.

So why are a handful of films at Sundance 2014 bucking the trend and choosing to shoot on 16 mm film?

Read the rest of this article from Hollywood Reporter.

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