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Hollywood Producer Says It’s Still About Story in Digital Filmmaking

by Michael Ferraresi.

Filmmaking today requires little more than the right story, any camera and computer. Producer Ken Kokin reminded Grand Canyon University students that making movies still requires a lot of time and money, but they have the self-publishing power to get their films noticed.

Sure, Kokin said, you need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started on major feature-length
pictures, but now is the time — with the dawn of personal video cameras and social media — to figure out how to tell compelling stories in new ways.

Producer Ken Kokin shared stories from a life in film Friday at Ethington Theatre. (Photo courtesy of Sam Erdmann)

“We have such an opportunity now because cameras are cheap, there’s no film anymore,” said Kokin, the co-producer and second unit director of the Academy Award-winning film “The Usual Suspects,” who shared stories from his film career with an audience of more than 100 GCU students at Ethington Theatre on Friday.

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