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How Do You Define “Independent Film” In 2014?

by Tambay A. Obenson.

It happens just about every year – a film that many don’t consider an independent film wins an independent film award or two; while a film that many consider quintessentially indie, is seemingly looked over.

It happened last year, at the 2013 Indie Spirit Awards ceremony, which saw Silver Linings Playbook dominate, while Beasts Of The Southern Wild was left wanting. I’m sure you can figure out which of the 2 films most consider the true “indie” film.

And it didn’t take very long after the Indie Spirit Awards ended for discussion on what exactly being an indie film means, to trend on social networks. But this is a conversation that the film community has been having for years now, with still no real consensus on the matter, and I don’t think there ever will be one – which means, this year, expect more of the same kind conversation.

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