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Say goodbye to celluloid

by Muralidhara Khajane.

Cinematographer Manohar Joshi says the tools of digital filmmaking have transformed every aspect of cinema, including production, post-production and exhibition.

“Brahma directed by R. Chandru might well be the last film shot on celluloid,” said Manohar Joshi, the young cinematographer, who hogged limelight for his work on Simpallag Ond Love Story.

In the Kannada film industry most film makers, have turned to digital film making says Joshi, who works on RED MX. He conducted a master class at the Bangalore International Film Festival.

Joshi completed his degree in visual arts from Manipal University and learnt painting for two years at Hampi University to get “frame sense.” After doing some ad films, he was to make Let us Kill Gandhi and shot a trailer for it. The trailer has become his visiting card. His future projects include Tube Light, The End and Bahuparak.

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