Google Glass Filmmaking: Stop Motion Film Creator Tu Uthaisri On Wearable Tech And Cinematography

by Peter D. Marshall

by Melanie Ehrenkranz.

Google Glass filmmaking is emerging as a new breed of cinematography. Filmmakers are taking advantage of the hands-free form factor of the wearable tech, and as a result creating imaginative films with an inventive perspective.

“CATCH: A Handimation through Glass” is a shining example of the fusion of Google Glass and filmmaking. Director Tu Uthaisri shares behind-the-scenes details of the stop motion film.

Tu is a filmmaker and designer at Google Creative Lab NY. The inspiration behind the Google Glass stop motion film was sparked by the curiosity of using the eyewear to make an animation. In the case of wearable tech and filmmaking, the lead actor (or in this case, lead hands) is also operating the camera (Google Glass).

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