Binge is the new Black: Marathon viewing is more than just a new TV phenomenon

by Peter D. Marshall

by Cassandra Szklarski.

Tis the season for TV bingewatching.

Sure, the holidays are for family, friends and spreading good cheer, but true TV addicts see any consecutive stretch of days off as prime time to dive into a marathon viewing session of buzzy shows they missed.

There’s no question 2013 was the year that cemented the phenomenon of back-toback blitzes, and traditional TV broadcasters say they’re taking note and working to offer even more options in 2014.

Simply put, bingeing is here to stay and if you weren’t among those who indulged over the past 12 months, you were likely out of the loop, says TV expert and pop culture professor Robert Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University. He marks 2013 as the year that lounging in front of the tube became socially appropriate behaviour, even necessary, for any self-respecting TV fan to stay on top of what’s hot.

“If you didn’t know how Orange Is the New Black’s first season ended within two weeks you were really kind of out of it,” says Thompson, crediting Netflix with the “brilliant” plan of releasing the entire season online at once – a strategy that also pushed viewers to catch entire hyped seasons of House of Cards and Arrested Development before the spoilers came out.

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