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Paperless Film Production Apps: Going Green for Leprechaun

by Zach Lipovsky. 

The digital revolution was supposed to save us all from endless streams of paper but instead, has spawned an even deeper addiction to the printed page. And there’s no place more at fault than the paper-filled production office – not only do mountains of paper get used every day, but in all sorts of wonderful and fancy colors.

As a filmmaker, I’m constantly juggling a lot of different projects. Luckily, I love multitasking and enjoy looking for the most efficient use of my time. I may even be guilty of spending more time looking for software to help me work than actually doing the work.

This summer, I was hired to direct a reboot of the Leprechaun franchise for Lionsgate and WWE. Yes, World Wrestling Entertainment makes films, and I entered the ring to shoot one in 15 days. With my knowledge as an app designer and filmmaker, I took it upon myself to survive the match without using a single piece of paper, no matter how alluring its color may be.

This wasn’t a mission to save trees or the environment, which, of course, is a nice bonus. This was a mission to find a more efficient and uncluttered approach – one that would let me focus on making the film, while not being buried under reams of paper.

So throw away your giant three ringed binder and lifetime supply of rainbow 8x10s. Follow me down the path of the paperless set.

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