Celebrating cinema’s broad reach

by Peter D. Marshall

by Imran Mojib and Raghib Hassan.

Innovation in filmmaking has changed the experience of doing a film and watching it too. The way films like  Avatar have gone on to make a mark in digital revolution, actors see it as an opportunity and they are not scared of losing their stake.

Celebrated actor Stephen Lang was excited about the revolution. Talking to The Gulf Today on the sidelines of the Cinematic Innovative Summit 2013, he said that fear is based on ignorance.

“Actors or non-actors who have no idea of motion pictures are ill-informed about it. It is another tool of filmmaking which can only broaden the horizon,” he said.

Another veteran Andy Serkis was also hopeful that the digital development will only pave its way to greater heights. He told The Gulf Today that he was glad because this development will help the actors not to get typecast.

“Actors are not afraid because they know it will bring them more work. This change in performance capturing will open a new vista where actors’ shortcomings might not stop them from going ahead. It does not limit your role due to size, colour or sex, nor typecast you,” he added.

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