[Vancouver Filmmakers] Cinematography 101 with Robert C. New (December 11, 6:00-9:00)

by Peter D. Marshall

Cinematography 101 is an overview of some of the key aspects of the cinematographers important roll in the filmmaking process. From artistic decisions, collaborating, the importance of pre-production, and understanding the language of the cinematographer.

Cinematography 101 is sponsored by Raindance Vancouver.

A cinematographer is a filmmaker who must bring every ounce of his or her passion, devotion, experience and talent to every shot and scene of every film project they become involved in.

We look at the importance of pre-production what cinematographers must know before we can consider ourselves ready for principle photography. Preparing the proper relationship with our team, creating a script breakdown, determining the need for specialty equipment.

We will also look at the aesthetics needed to tell the story within the script and create the look necessary to convey the directors vision and dramatic requirements including the framing, lighting and camera movements.

Finally we will look at the language of the cinematographer and what they need to know to be able to properly communicate with their fellow filmmakers from the politics of their collaboration to the specifics of getting through the day while staying on schedule.

To register for this event, please visit Raindance Vancouver.

Cinematography 101 – Course Outline

The Artistic decision:

  • Aesthetics: Interpreting the script / Telling the story / Creating the look with….
  • Composition; Framing for impact
  • Lighting; Mood and ambiance / Interior and exterior / For movement
  • Camera Movement; Why and How / hand-held, dolly, stedicam, jib arm, crane, techno

The Value of Pre-production:

  • Crewing up, Location scouts, Production meetings
  • Department Heads; Cross Reference and communication
  • Collaboration and visualization of the director’s vision
  • Script and Location Breakdown; for camera and grip/ electric equipment

Language of the Cinematographer:

  • Communicating on set
  • The politics of collaboration
  • Prioritizing scenes of the day

To register for this event, please visit Raindance Vancouver.

Who Should Take this Course

Filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, aspiring cinematographers or anyone wanting to learn the language of cinematography and understand how to light and frame shots for the screen; Directors especially who want to better develop a working relationship with cinematographers and develop good communication skills to express creative vision.

About Robert C. New
Bob New

After studying Art and Photography Bob had the opportunity to travel the world shooting documentaries. These endeavors resulted in two Oscar nominated films and a career transition into feature film making. His first feature as a Director of Photography was ‘Prom Night’ shot in his home town of Toronto,.

Bob then moved to Los Angeles where he photographed many more feature films, TV projects and commercials. Eventually relocating back to Canada with his family, adding to his resume more local and international projects.

Bob, who is passionate about filmmaking and it’s future, recently ran the Cinematography Department at the Vancouver Film School and is committed to using his extensive knowledge and experience to continue mentoring the next generation of filmmakers. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0627589/

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