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VIDEO: 50-Minute Directors Roundtable Talk With Steve McQueen, David O. Russell, Alfonso Cuarón & More

by Kevin Jagernauth.

While the awards season can waver between excitement for the great movies hitting cinemas and excess from the endless campaigning, the real pleasure is in great filmmakers emerging from their production cocoon to talk about their work. THR has been doing a great job in rounding up some of the brightest talents and biggest contenders of the season for their roundtable talks. And their latest is no different.

Steve McQueen, Paul Greengrass, David O. Russell, Ben Stiller, Alfonso Cuarón and Lee Daniels sat down for a wide-ranging 54-minute conversation with the trade, and as always, there’s some fascinating stuff to be had. For example, the one movie Cuarón thinks he should’ve passed on and described as a “horrible experience” was “….’Great Expectations.’ That is a film that I should have not done. I passed many times, and then I ended up saying yes for the wrong reasons.”

Watch this video from IndieWire.

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