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[Vancouver Filmmakers] Directing Actors 2 Day Workshop with Peter D. Marshall (Nov. 30 & Dec. 1)

Working with actors can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a film director – or one of the most traumatic! And the difference between a good experience and a bad experience usually comes down to one word: TRUST!

Actors begin by trusting the director – and it’s the director’s trust to lose. If an actor feels they cannot trust the director to know a good performance from a bad performance, the actor will begin to monitor his own performances.

And when an actor begins to watch himself, he begins to direct himself – and when he does this, he starts to become Director Proof.

The main objective of my 2 day Directing Actors workshop is to demonstrate how directors and actors can work effectively together to build trust; to maximize performance on set; and understand how to work together cooperatively in a tense, time-sensitive and often challenging creative environment.

So if you are interesting in learning more on how to direct actors, please join me for my next 2 Day Filmmaking Workshop: “Directing Actors” on November 30 & December 1 in Vancouver. http://actioncutprint.com/

This 2 day live event is sponsored by Raindance Vancouver.

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P.S. These two comprehensive and intense days are a must for any filmmaker wanting to reach the next level of career success as a film or television director in the competitive film or TV industry. http://actioncutprint.com/

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