Five Storytellers: Filmmakers Using Social Media Effectively

by Peter D. Marshall

by Ron Mwangaguhunga.

Filmmakers, particularly those with an independent vision, often run up against a brick wall when dealing with the maximum-profit-obsessed studio system. Yes, filmmaking is a business, but even Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, two of the most famous industry heavyweights, think that the blockbuster-driven business model could spell eventual doom.

But with social media, lesser-known storytellers have an increasing voice, giving an ability to challenge traditional gatekeepers who have previously been able to keep such visionaries out of the profit-first cycle. If you don’t have an extra $35 million in marketing costs stashed away to promote your film, I have three words for you: social media platforms.

So which filmmakers have used social media to promote their indie projects? Here are five filmmakers on my radar that are revolutionizing very specific social media platforms:

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