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Hollywood film producer Iain Smith reflects on making of classic movie Local Hero

by Brian McIver.

DESPITE working on box office smash-hits such as Planet of the Apes and The A Team, Smith insists Bill Forsyth’s world-class comedy (Local Hero) was the best film he ever helped make.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS wanted it so badly he flew thousands of miles to stalk the Scottish director at his hotel.

Willie Nelson was desperate to be in it and even The Fonz was being talked about as a potential leading man.

In the early 80s, there was no hotter project in Hollywood than a small town fable about money-grabbing villagers and eccentric oilmen dealing with mystical sea women and yearning for comets and the Northern Lights.

Local Hero was a classic in the making even before the first well-lit scene was shot in the village of Pennan or the beaches of Morar.

And according to one of the men responsible for Bill Forsyth’s iconic comedy, that is why it is still being celebrated around the world 30 years later.

Legendary director Forsyth and producer Iain Smith are hosting a special anniversary screening of the seminal movie tonight in Mallaig, close to the beach location of Morar in the West Highlands, to celebrate its success and longevity.

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