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Aspiring Filmmakers, Ava DuVernay Thinks You Should Lose the Desperation and Just Make Something!

This article was sent to me by a former VFS student of mine. Thanks Julien 🙂

from IndieWire.

This weekend in Los Angeles at the Film Independent Forum, Ava DuVernay, the Sundance award-winning director of “Middle of Nowhere” and the upcoming MLK biopic “Selma,” was one of the event’s keynotes.  While she warned that her speech would not be as newsworthy as that of Netflix chief Ted Sarandos also at the FIND Forum, DuVernay was provocative.

Inspired by this week’s SNL musical guest Janelle Monae, DuVernay said she scrapped her planned speech and worked off of notes to first lay out the director’s uniform, and then to really ask aspiring filmmakers to wake the f*** up.

Read the rest of Ava’s talk from IndieWire.

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