Diablo Cody brings complex women to life onscreen

by Peter D. Marshall

by Sandy Cohen.

Diablo Cody‘s real life story almost sounds like a movie she might write: A dynamic young woman with a unique voice wins an Oscar for her first screenplay, is at once embraced and vilified by the media, and then emerges with more opportunities and greater self-assurance than before.

Today, though, Cody is apologetic, and a tad frazzled. She arrives 45 minutes late for an interview, having thought it was the next day. The 35-year-old bounds into a nondescript tavern down the street from Universal Studios for happy hour, fresh faced in a Grateful Dead T-shirt and jeans, her red bob still slightly damp from the shower. She hugs the reporter she’s meeting for the first time and offers a string of sorrys.

“I’m a Midwesterner,” she says. “This kind of tardiness is unacceptable.”

Very un-celebrity-like, Cody arrives without a publicist or assistant, since she has neither, and settles onto a barstool to discuss her directorial debut, “Paradise,” which is in theaters Friday.

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