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The Challenges of 3D Filmmaking and The Future of 3D

by Laya Maheshwari.

No cinematic topic in the last few years has instigated as much — or as intense — debate as 3D. The jury is still out on how it bridges the art and science of motion pictures, or whether it does so at all. In its own way, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is trying to settle the debate, or at least advance it. Academy member Robert Neuman conducted a Masterclass titled “Getting Perspective: The Art and Science of 3D” at the 15th Mumbai Film Festival.

Neuman heads the Stereoscopic Division at Walt Disney Animation, one studio that has gone full force into the third dimension (their last non-3D theatrical release was four years ago with “The Princess and the Frog.”)  This Masterclass was compiled with the help of the Science and Technology Council at AMPAS, and will travel to other festivals and exhibitions soon.

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