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[Fiji] Local filmmaking on good stand

by Solomoni Biumaiono.

Local movie producer and director Rajnel Prasad finally breathed a sigh of relief as he embarked on his first ever major movie production.

To him it is a sign of recognition for local movie producers and actors as he shares his dreams with other aspiring Fijian movie makers, and he hopes his movie project would be the first of many movie projects by local movie makers.

“As a filmmaker, I wish to set a platform to build the film industry in Fiji as this could be our major contributor to our economy, not only this, but it would give more opportunity to Fijians to enter the entertainment world of film,” Prasad said.

The important aspect of this movie project that excites Prasad, is the fact that apart from using local actors, he is going to model the project along the lines of a major movie production and he is going to use a local production crew.

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