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Spanish film-makers hit back at ‘cultural war’ on funding

by Paul Hamilos.

The Spanish government is conducting a vendetta against the national film industry in an attempt to destroy the creative heart of a once vital sector, according to senior industry figures, who see it as the latest round in the culture wars between right and left.

The accusations come amid some of the most draconian cuts made to state funding of Spanish cinema, which has halved in the past four years. Budget cuts introduced by the governing rightwing People’s party last week mean the national cinematography fund will receive only €33m (£28m) in 2014, a 14% drop on last year, and barely enough to cover its debts.

The president of the Spanish cinema academy, Enrique González Macho, said: “This is a ridiculously small amount of money, for which there is no economic justification. The motivations are entirely political.” He conceded that, with Spain’s continuing recession, cuts were inevitable but said: “The government is scared of culture, and of cinema in particular. They are destroying film-making. If this carries on there won’t be any creative film-makers left in Spain.”

Read the rest of this article from The Guardian.

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