Iranian film industry on the decline, but light at the end of the tunnel

by Peter D. Marshall

by Mansoureh Farahani.

Despite its reputation for excellent film-making, Iranian cinema has recently been experiencing many problems with production, financing and distribution, with some industry experts saying that Iranian cinema is now heading in the wrong direction.

“The age of Iranian cinema is over, and this industry is the closest thing to a cultural ambassador Iran has. We therefore need to nurture Iranian cinema and its future productions, ensuring that there is an urgent call of action to improve this industry,” Iranian film producer Hamid Hanari told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Looking at the news and developments coming out of the Iranian film industry over recent years, one might argue that collaborations between domestic movies and international distributors are on the rise, particularly as Iranian cinema has secured an increasingly strong position in the international arena.

Read the rest of this article from Asharq Al-Awsat.

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