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How to Make Your Horror Screenplay More Effective

by V Renée.

Horror is a film genre that is much more complex than it appears to be. The violence, sex, and gore speak to our deepest fears, anxieties, cultural taboos, and suppressed emotions. So, crafting this kind of film takes a little more finesse than pouring a bucket of blood on a naked cheerleader as she gets her head chopped off. ScreenCraft recently partnered with Dread Central and The Blood List (it’s like The Black List, but for horror scripts) to host a seminar on horror screenwriting and filmmaking, where filmmakers of the genre shared some tips on creating effective horror films from script to screen.

On the panel were filmmakers such as Adam Simon, Misha Green, Drew Daywalt, and Mickey Keating. Thought they talked mostly about writing for horror, they did touch on how to come up with a horror movie idea, dealing with criticism, as well as the collective experience of horror films. Here are a few chosen tips from the video to get you started…

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