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[Indie Filmmakers] VOD Release Windows

by Jason Brubaker.

Whenever someone mentions VOD release windows, I am instantly transported back to a time before video on demand.

As a kid, I remember one night when my mom and dad took me to see the original Karate Kid. After the movie, I was so emotionally charged that I distinctly remember the ride home. I was in the back of my dad’s cherry red MGB with the top down and I was slicing the hot summer air with a poorly made, toy Viking sword.

To this day, I’m not sure why I had a toy Viking sword or why my mom and dad let me to sit in the back of an MGB. If you ever rode in an MGB, you know that there isn’t actually a back seat, or a seat-belt – Just a compartment that holds the battery. But those were different times. We were living in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. And if I wanted to see Karate Kid on video, I had to wait…

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