Quentin Tarantino Vs. Robert Rodriguez: Which Filmmaker Is Best?

by Peter D. Marshall

by Joe McFarlane.

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are great friends in real life and frequent collaborators when it comes to the movie business; from Tarantino writing horror spoof From Dusk Till Dawn for Rodriguez to direct, to Tarantino paying Rodriguez a single dollar to score his blood-splattered sequel Kill Bill, Vol. 2, these guys have a great working relationship and for my money are two of the most creative writers/directors working in Hollywood today.

Both directors burst onto the independent cinema scene in the early ’90s with their debut movies: Tarantino with Reservoir Dogs, and Rodriguez with El Mariachi. Both films poised these previously unknown directors as the new darlings of 90?s cinema. Though the ’90s introduced movie-goers to lots of phenomenal directors, such as David Fincher and Christopher Nolan, it was Tarantino and Rodriguez’s debuts which put independent cinema on the map and made it undeniably cool.

Though both directors are known for including extreme violence in their films, they also introduced the idea of post-modern cinema, pastiche and making action packed films for incredibly small budgets. This has caused both directors to not only be respected by movie Fanboys, like myself, who adore the action packed set pieces and blood splattered scenes, but also by serious film critics who praise Tarantino’s incredible writing style which consistently manages to create in-depth characters and dramatic scenes, and Rodriguez’s one-man film crew style of filmmaking, which denotes creativity is most important aspect of filmmaking, not huge budgets.

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