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Disney’s Lucasfilm Says Filmmakers Will Soon Be Using Video Game Engines

by Josh Wolonick.

According to Kim Libreri, the chief technology strategy officer of Lucasfilm, the production company behind the Star Wars films that were recently acquired by Disney (NYSE:DIS), video game production will soon “take the post out of post-production” for filmmakers.

Speaking at last week’s Technology Strategy Board event at the British Academy of Film and Television Acting (BAFTA) in London, Libreri discussed how video game development technology is catching up to the tech that is used for adding digital effects to films. Many cutting-edge games now use real-time motion capture to create digital effects, meaning that actors wearing motion capture suits play out scenes that are digitally recorded in real time. This way, computer graphics are rendered in real time and don’t need to be built on top of footage in post-production.

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