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‘Super Size Me’ director Morgan Spurlock shares path to success during Easton film festival

by Sara K. Satullo.

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock had racked up $250,000 in credit card debt waiting for a big break for his production company.

He was paying his rent and employees with credit cards, creditors were calling and then he got evicted. It reached the point where he was sleeping in a hammock in his office every night, Spurlock told a crowd gathered for his laid-back, two-hour filmmaking seminar today as part of the Movies at the Mill film festival in Easton.

Then in the spring of 2002, MTV finally started producing episodes of his show “I Bet You Will” after months of delays.

The show, which paid people to do outrageous things, started out as a webcast and was first bought by CBS and then MTV. After 52 episodes, the show was cancelled in October 2002 but by then he’d paid off $50,000 of his debt and had another $50,000 in the bank.

Rather than throw the money at his bottomless pit of debt, Spurlock thought: Let’s make a movie. And the Oscar-nominated hit “Super Size Me” was born.

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