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The Resurgence of Film Stock

by Steve Rickinson.

It was something of an abridged day for IndieWood/Hollywoodn’t on the third of IFP Independent Film Week, being held at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; nonetheless, another filled with useful information provided by a nicely diverse array of panelists and speakers.  The theme of the day was “Crafting a Career“, a motif mostly relating to the beneficial subjective decisions creators can (and should) make on the otherwise volatile path of career building.

Our first event was in the “Blitz Wisdom” series, this time with innovative animator Dash Shaw, a graduate of New York’s own School of Visual Arts, who’s epic graphic novel ‘New School‘ utilizes color in much the same way a film uses score.  ’New School’ is a 340 page journey into ClockLand, a main street amusement park priced out of the marketplace in a dystopian world comprised of the most diabolically magical of fantasy kingdoms.

With an engaging and relevant plotline, the graphic novel’s use of color is more reminiscent of a coloring book for artistic prodigies than the (now) banal naturalistic palettes seen throughout the visual arts.

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