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The Road To Sustainable Filmmaking And How Crowdfunding Platform Seed&Spark Could Pave The Way

by Ben Umstead.

Though I may not always find the proper footing for sharing big ideas here it has always been my goal with Indie Beat to discuss independent cinema as a frontier realm — in the artistic sense, but also of a technical one and of the business. Or rather redefining and melding the business closer to the other elements at play, because, after all, they all have to flow together.

Now of course, as with anything, this kind of thinking isn’t new, but in the digital age it is being revitalized and legitimized in big and exciting ways. Today’s column is going to try and talk about some of those means and ways. Whether filmmaker, critic and/or audience, we must all play our parts supporting and/or creating something that I hope can be sustainable and community-based.

But before we go any further the question must be asked: What do you think sustainable filmmaking is, Ben? The ultimate answer would be a community of filmmakers that trade resources such as equipment or locations back and forth, a fair barter system that sustains and grows the individual storyteller’s goals as much as the group’s.

Money would be a part of the equation (thinking like an investor is creative), but wouldn’t necessarily have to be the leading force in getting the film made. A recent example that feels semi-close to this idea is the so-called Mumblecore movement, where actors in one film would produce another, a moderately sized group and splinter groups sharing resources and knowledge.

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