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Filmmaking: Making a Little Go Further

by Daley James Francis.

Making a little go further. That is the ethos for the majority of low budget filmmakers, and it can still the ethos of filmmakers who have made it to the upper echelons of success, such as Danny Boyle, who has won an Academy Award and has access to some of the best actors in Hollywood, yet prefers to make a million dollars look like $30m on screen rather than blow $30m on something that looks like, well, $30m.

It is this attitude and awareness of budgeting that took Danny Boyle from saved low-budget thriller Shallow Grave in 1994. Channel 4 had given Boyle and his crew £1m, and they had access to not a penny more. As the flat the yuppy characters from the film were living in was filled with expensive furniture, Boyle and producer Andrew MacDonald sold it off in order to pay for film stock and keep the cameras rolling until the end.

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