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The Hero’s Journey Pt.3: Capturing the Corporate Video Interview

Want to know more about corporate videos? Thomas Clifford is the guy to talk to.

Here is the third of a four part series Thomas wrote about why he call’s the people he talks to in his videos, “heroes.The Hero’s Journey Pt.3: Capturing the Corporate Video Interview.

The crew is ready. Your interviewee, or hero, is ready. You’re ready.

Now, the second part of the “hero’s journey,” the “initiation,” is about to begin.

Of course, this initiation is not a series of tests in the classical sense of the “hero’s journey.” Think of the “initiation” as a conversation; simply a series of explorations into someone’s point of view.

We started off this series talking about the hero’s journey as a metaphor for video storytelling.

The next post shared the steps to prepare for the video interview, or the first stage of the hero’s journey; the “separation.”

  • Step 1. Be a story steward
  • Step 2. The story is in your answers
  • Step 3. Keep the questions to yourself

This post will focus on the second stage of the hero’s journey, the initiation, and the three components to successfully capture your hero’s story on-camera. Read rest of article here.

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