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Paul Greengrass: British film-making “never been stronger”

by Sarah Cooper.

British film-making has “never been stronger” according to director Paul Greengrass, who was speaking at the programme launch of the London Film Festival, which will open with his latest feature Captain Phillips.

Speaking at the Odeon Leicester Square this morning, where the line-up for this year’s LFF was unveiled, the British director of The Bourne Ultimatum and United 93 said: “Something very important is going on in this country in terms of our filmmaking culture.

“If you look at the films in Venice, films like Stephen Frears’ Philomena, British filmmaking has never been stronger and it’s been so now for a number of years. A lot of that is down to the interface between the goverment, the BFI and the broader filmmaking community.”

Read the rest of this article from Screen Daily.

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