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The Duplass Brothers share inspiring tips with AFF’s ‘On Story’ podcast

by Laurie Fanelli.

The Aug. 28 edition of Austin Film Festival’s ‘On Story’ podcast featured an inspiring conversation with film makers Jay and Mark Duplass. The Duplass brothers are the men behind great films like “The Puffy Chair”, “Baghead” and “Cyrus.” Throughout the interview, Jay and Mark shared their influences growing up, the importance of blending drama and comedy and the best advice they ever received on film making.

The Duplass brothers first gained attention from the film industry with their short “This is John” about a man who is near a nervous breakdown because he can’t get the greeting right on his answering machine. They made the film for only three dollars and introduced the world to a new, very human version of comedy. Jay and Mark discussed the success that followed and how they had to say “no” hundreds of times to big studio money for working on sub-par films. They went on to make “The Puffy Chair” in the same vein as their shorts, proving that trusting your instincts and not over-thinking things is the way to go. As Jay put it, “thinking about art, isn’t making art.”

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