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The Hero’s Journey Pt.2: Preparing the Video Interview

Want to know more about corporate videos? Thomas Clifford is the guy to talk to.

Here is the second of a four part series Thomas wrote about why he call’s the people he talks to in his videos, “heroes.”The Hero’s Journey Pt.2: Preparing the Video Interview

“C’mon. How hard is it, really, to ask a few questions to someone when the camera is rolling?”

Asking questions is easy.

Asking the right questions is the hard part

Your audience is begging to hear something special from your interview. Ask the wrong questions and you will not only disappoint an audience but your message has a good chance of being tuned out.

The previous post introduced the concept of employees as being “heroes” in their company video. Indeed, an employee appearing on-camera goes through the classic three part “hero’s journey:” separation, initiation and return. Read rest of article here.

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