10 Deceitful Movies That Lied About Filmmaking

by Peter D. Marshall

by Josh Cornell.

Cinema is a medium that is, by nature, based around deception. Deception plays a role of central importance , as far as the storytelling mechanisms of cinema go. Many think this is because cinema has the most potential when it comes to using deception as a storytelling tactic. Shortly after its inception, film-making’s early innovators would discover just how effective this technique really was when it came to manipulating audiences.

This would be particularly evident in the genius of George Melies, who was pioneer of early special effects.  His  films were essentially his way of performing mind-blowing magic in a totally new way, as far back as the late 1800?s. Since then there have been all sorts of films that have focused on one part or another of the film-making process.

The bulk of these films provide us with some sort of inside information about a behind-the-scenes aspect of the industry- which most of us are not usually exposed and therefore privy to. Others, though, have exaggerated or taken “artistic liberties” with certain aspects of the industry or just straight-up lied about their origins. A few of these have made today’s list.

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