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Spike Lee Adds 7 Films by Female Filmmakers to His List of Essential Movies

by Kevin Jagernauth.

Everyone has got their cinematic blind spots but not everyone recognizes it. Then again not everyone is Spike Lee. The director is coming off his successful Kickstarter campaign for his next film and part of that crowd-funding effort saw the director reach fans and folks new to his work like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Part of that process in raising awareness for his next Spike Lee Joint was dropping his list of Essential Films that every filmmaker must see. It was an interesting round-up of titles, leaning heavy on American cinema classics, while also making room for oddball entries like “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Apocalypto.” But it seems it wasn’t quite so definitive.

The director recently revised the list to his both on Kickstarter and his 40 Acres and A Mule site, to include seven films by female filmmakers. “As The Fall Semester Nears At NYU Grad, We Thought We Would Reprint My Revised Essential Film List (With Women Directors). Many Of You Informed Me Of That Omission. Thank You For That Coat Pulling,” he wrote. So what are they?

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