Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking – Create A Shot List

by Peter D. Marshall

by Kevin J. Railsback.

Hopefully over the past month you’ve given some thought as to the subject of your short film.
I’ve tossed around quite a few ideas but I keep coming back to one. The unseen world of the tallgrass prairie.

There are several benches on the trails that line the outskirts of the tallgrass prairie near my home. Quite often when the light has become too low to film, I will plant myself on one of these benches and just take in as much of nature in as I can before I head for home.

While I’m sitting there, I notice dozens of cars speeding past, oblivious to the wonders the tallgrass prairie contains. To most as they hurry to their latest destination, the tallgrass prairie is just a big weed patch that should be plowed under to make way for more corn or soybeans.

My short film will try to enlighten those people if they choose to take the time to watch it ,that the tallgrass prairie is so much more than an overgrown weed patch.

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