Join Peter D. Marshall for his next 2 Day Filmmaking Workshop: “Essentials of Film Directing” (Sept. 7 & 8, Vancouver, Canada)

by Peter D. Marshall

My next 2 day film directing workshop is in Vancouver, Canada on September 7 & 8, 2013.

Called Essentials of Film Directing, these two comprehensive days are a must for any filmmaker wanting to reach the next level of career success as a film or television director in the film or television industry.

Day One – The Director as Storyteller

This intense day introduces participants to the essential roles of the film and TV director and looks at:

=> The director as storyteller (it’s always about the story)
=> The critical elements of the business and politics of film
=> The director’s pre-production activities (building your team)
=> Script and scene analysis (preparing to move from page to screen)

Day Two – Getting Ready for the Film Set

This intense day introduces participants to the complex, in-depth world of the film director and covers the director’s visual concept, character analysis and development, text and subtext and the casting process.

For more information about this workshop, please visit Raindance Vancouver – or contact Karen Margolese at

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