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Director Colin Cairnes speaks out on piracy

by Colin Cairnes.

There’s a school of thought that widespread piracy can be to the filmmaker’s benefit but that seems driven by a defeatist attitude that says the pirates/downloaders are always going to be one step ahead with the technology and their ability to skirt the law, so why bother fighting it?

I’ll admit [brother] Cameron and I were both shocked and flattered to learn that tens of thousands of people illegally downloaded our film 100 Bloody Acres.

But if we’re serious about the sustainability of independent filmmaking in a very tough environment, we need to deal with the issue that a large portion of a film’s potential audience believe it’s fine not to pay for your film. The “try before you buy” claim of some who download seems disingenuous… while no doubt some people might go off and “do the right thing” when the opportunity arises (and questions of timing and accessibility are key considerations in looking at solutions), why would they when there is so much more product waiting to be consumed?

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