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The Hero’s Journey Pt.1: Corporate Video Storytelling

Want to know more about corporate videos? Thomas Clifford is the guy to talk to.

Here is the first of a four part series Thomas wrote about why he call’s the people he talks to in his videos, “heroes.” The Hero’s Journey Pt.1: Corporate Video Storytelling

“Whoa! Those are some lights!”

9 out of 10 times that’s what the “hero,” or the person being filmed on video, will say when they walk on to the set for an interview.

A feeling of excitement is in the air. Something fun, adventurous and different is about to happen.

Have you ever been interviewed on-camera?

If you haven’t, one thing’s for sure. It’s definitely not your typical day in the office.

Imagine. You’re an employee. You have a particular point of view. You’re passionate. You have a story to tell. And you’ve been asked if you’d like to be in your company video. You jump at the chance!

Tape is rolling. You’re having a lengthy conversation while bright lights surround you. Crew members are watching closely. You’re not sure what questions are coming next. You’re editing your thoughts making sure you say the “right” thing. How do you think you’d be feeling? A bit nervous? You bet! Read rest of article here.

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