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Creative things to do when an actor won’t return for a sequel

by Ryan Lambie.

When an actor can’t reprise their role in a sequel, how do you fill the gap without the audience noticing? Here are a few solutions…

Filmmaking’s a tricky business, and creative decisions are often informed by pesky details like conflicting schedules, retirement plans and pay disputes. So when studio executives give the greenlight to a film sequel, and an actor in a major role suddenly can’t – or won’t – appear, filmmakers often have to come up with some creative ideas to make sure their star’s absence doesn’t distract cinemagoers too much.

From recycling snippets of old stock footage to the strategic application of eye patches, here’s a selection of the clever things directors, writers and producers have done to cover the absence of an actor in a sequel. And we start with an infamous case that prompted a fairly major change in the way an actor’s likeness is handled in movies…

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