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Sharknado, and other great bad movies

by Paul Whitington.

Critics are calling it “awesomely awesome” and “the best ‘worst movie’ ever made”, and last week this daft disaster movie caused an internet frenzy when it was screened on the Syfy channel.

The word ridiculous doesn’t seem adequate to describe the plot of Sharknado, in which a freak weather system sucks thousands of furious sharks out of the Pacific Ocean and dumps them on the unfortunate residents of downtown Los Angeles.

American Pie star Tara Reid and former Beverly Hills 90210 regular Ian Ziering are among a band of heroic resisters against an invasion of misplaced aquatic predators who descend snapping from the sky and literally inhale passersby.

Sharknado is not Syfy’s first dodgy disaster movie. But it appears to have gotten the balance between campness and chaos just right, and culminates in Ziering being ingested by a giant shark and chain-sawing his way out of its belly.

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