Understanding Film Design

by Peter D. Marshall

by Devdutt Trivedi.

The problem with most of Art-House cinema today is that they are forcing either Bresson or Ozu’s method or Eisenstein’s form or some other form or method with very different content, writes Devdutt Trivedi

I t is one thing to watch films, another thing to make them. There are several kinds of films one can both watch and make. However, when one has a film-praxis (or practicing film, taking theoretical considerations into account) one would like to make a film with a certain rigor.

It is not important to think about how the film will be perceived, what it will look like, who will be the audience for it. I am not saying that such a film can be made in today’s commercial world: it is just that I think many people are watching film because of the DVD boom, but not many understand the simple designs in the act of making the film.

There are three phases to making a film: scripting, shooting and editing.

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