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Spike Lee: Tech is a double-edge sword in filmmaking

by Michelle Meyers.

Acclaimed film director Spike Lee grabbed the tech spotlight last week by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his next feature film. He has until August 21 to meet his goal of raising $1.25 million.

He’s getting there, slowly, with help from some incentive giveaways at the higher donation levels. So far, 1,700 donors have pledged $311,000. At the $10,000 donor level, he’s offering dinner and one of his courtside Knicks seats. He revealed that one of the $10,000 donors (there are 14 so far) is fellow filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.

CNET got to chat with Lee about his campaign and how technology-driven tools — like Kickstarter, YouTube, and CGI — can both help and interfere with the story-telling process that is film.

Here’s an edited transcript of an interview he did with CNET Friday:

Read the rest of this interview from Cnet.com

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