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Remembering Film Director Stanley Kubrick On What Would Have Been His 85th Birthday

by Stoogeypedia.

Stanley Kubrick, starkly original filmmaker, director of some of the all-time great, most loved and dissected and in a way polarizing cinema, would have been 85 today. Kubrick passed away back on March 7th, 1999.

The essence of Kubrick runs rampant through almost every film maker and film buff who followed his works. American born, but lived overseas in England for most of his life, Kubrick gave a classy sensibility to most of his films, films that were rich in texture, nature, narrative, cinematography, and acting, with a flair and keen sensibility for music placement, or set pieces that were dense and slim in look, almost with a frostbitten clinical approach, which became his calling card and instantly synonymous with the Kubrick name and the Kubrickian legend.

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