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Walter Murch: How new technologies affect filmmaking

by Alexandra Zeevalkink.

In a recent masterclass held in the UK, award-winning editor and sound designer Walter Murch (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and recent documentary Particle Fever) outlined the effects of digital technology on his profession. Here are some of the highlights.

It is not just what he says, more how he says it; you can understand why a director would believe in Murch’s vision when you listen to his booming authoritative voice. With his Spielberg-like looks he even airs that real classic Hollywood-vibe.

A perfect match according to his own logic, in that sound and image love each other “like twins separated at birth”.

“My job is to be the person who challenges the director and bring the real vision out of hiding.” Key to getting a good edit, he says, is that you “feel” the rhythm of an edit. “That’s why I stand when I edit, to feel this rhythm.” A simple technique, one that technology has not yet been able to improve.

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