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“Casting By” documentary reminds us how collaborative the art of filmmaking truly is

by David Voigt.

So very much goes into the making of a film and there is an unsung hero that is vital to so many of the classic films that we hold near and dear to our hearts… the casting director. “Casting By” takes a inside look at this meticulous craft, how key it is to the entire process and looking at one trailblazer who opened up that business to have a legion of people follow in her very footsteps.

Not many people in the grand history of that business of show can put films like “Midnight Cowboy”, “The Friends of Eddie Coyle”, “Lenny”, “The Killing Fields” and “Lethal Weapon” on their resume, but revolutionary casting director Marion Daugherty did and many many more.

“Casting By” is an in-depth look at the genuine art of casting, along with countless interviews from colleagues and contemporaries who admittedly owe the casting agencies so much, and others who ultimately discount their work as not nearly as important.

The film gives us a unique glimpse at the art of finding the right actor for the right role as well as the internal machinations of the Hollywood system in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the system shifted to a more corporate structure. A fantastic example of how collaborative the art of filmmaking truly is.

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