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Social Media for Filmmakers: Facebook 101

by Jasmine Teran.

So you’re an indie filmmaker. You’ve barely scraped enough money from your day job, your crowd-funding campaign, your parents—we won’t judge—to shoot your movie, and now you’re expected to take on yet another job title to get people to watch it? Well… yes. Welcome to the world of being a 21st century filmmaker/producer/editor/publicist.

It’s challenging to build an audience without a budget, but it’s possible, and social media has become a viable tool for many filmmakers.

Social media may be free, but it does take effort. Creating a Facebook page with one lonely film still just won’t cut it. If that’s all you’re willing to do, best to save your internet breath. As Film Independent’s Online Community Coordinator, I’ve been privy to numerous tactics used by filmmakers to sell and promote their projects. Some stand out, some make a great effort and some just don’t make sense.

Here are a few ways to make your Facebook presence mean something (from Film Independent.)

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