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The Three Types of Film Director (Which one are you?)

Here’s my list of the three types of film and TV director:

1) The “Technical” Director

This director spends most of his time with the crew on the technical aspects of the shot and scene. He spends very little time with the actors (giving direction). He may just want to “let the actors do their thing” or he may not know how to successfully communicate with an actor.

2) The “Performance” Director

This director works with and understands the actor and the “acting process” but he also spends time with the technical aspects of the shot and scene.

3) The “New” Director

This director is someone who knows “a little about something but not enough of the entire job of directing.” These directors work in other areas of the business and get a “shot” at directing (Ex: producer, writer, 1AD, editor, actor, DOP)

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  • Derick June 25, 2012, 5:50 AM

    Will like to know all about what a Director needs to do