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James Cameron says Hollywood is not using 3D properly, ‘Man of Steel’ did not need it

by Andrew Sims.

Avatar director James Cameron, who credits himself with the resurgence in 3D filmmaking over the past few years, says Hollywood isn’t using 3D to its full potential.

Speaking at an event abroad over the weekend, Cameron was asked about where 3D stands in the film industry today. He responded by pointing out that there’s a big difference between shooting in 3D and converting 2D to 3D which is one of the biggest problems with how it’s used. “After Avatar changed everything, good and bad movies, everything had to be in 3D,” he said.

Cameron continued by noting that studios are pressuring directors into shooting 3D whether or not the director is comfortable with using the format. “Managers no longer have control and I think the 3D should be controlled by the director, not studios,” he said. “I know that we have opened the doors to 3D, but there must be quality.”

He wrapped his remarks on 3D by pointing out that recent summer blockbusters did not need to use the format. “Man of Steel and Iron Man and all of those movies should not necessarily be in 3D. If you spend $150 million on visual effects, the film is already going to be spectacular.”

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