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3 Ways Future Filmmaking Will Implode

by Elliot Grove.

I ask every single filmmaker I meet the same question: Why did you want to make your film?

The answers vary from filmmaker to filmmaker, from film school to no film school and from film to film. The most common answer is to make money. Next is fame (or to use the film as a calling card). These are pretty clearly defined goals, and easy to measure the success of the filmmaker.

Then there are some fuzzier answers I get from other filmmakers. To have the film seen by as wide an audience as possible or to change the world are typical responses which are very difficult to quantify and evaluate.

I launched the IPTV channel Raindance TV in 2007, and with this launch I have heard two more reasons why filmmakers make films. Firstly green issues (a very clearly defined reason with results that can be quickly monitored and evaluated). Lastly, and most interestingly, are filmmakers who see their first short, feature or documentary as their first step to build up an audience for their work as a filmmaker. Not simply an audience for a single film.

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